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Health Booster Bundle C
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Health Booster Bundle C

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Bundle Consist of;
1. All in 1 PRO 2 Boxes
2. New Moon Special Grade Bird Nest 6 bottles

A specially formulated nutritional supplement to contain 4 synergistic key ingredients, collagen peptide, glucosamine hydrochloride, chondroitin sulfate and rose hip extract to provide ALL-ROUNDED nourishment for healthy joints and cartilage.

1. Regenerates & Reinforces Cartilage and Joint structure

2. Improves Joint Mobility & Flexibility

3. Relieves Inflammation

4. Promotes Healthier Bones

*Optimum Absorption*
*Sugar Free*
*Cholesterol Free*
*No Fishy Taste*


Made in JAPAN

Net Content: 21sachets x 12g

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How DIFFERENT is Borsch Med All in 1 Collagen for Joints from other joint supplement?

  • Easy to absorb + Enhanced Efficacy

Ingredients are present in small molecular format which is easy to absorb, with enhanced efficacy.


  • Stimulates joint regeneration by enhancing production of type II collagen and proteoglycans

Contains daily required dose of 10,000mg of collagen peptide which works to stimulates body’s natural production of collagen in cartilage cells.


  • Enhanced healing capacity

Specially formulated with combination of Collagen and Glucosamine, which has been proven to enhance the healing effects on joint ailments.

Reference: Masaki Hashida, et al., 2003, Synergistic effects of D-glucosamine and collagen peptides on healing experimental cartilage injury. Macromolecular Biochem (Vol 3; issue 10; pp596-603)


  • Anti-inflammation and natural pain relief

Formulated with natural rose hip extracts which is a powerful antioxidant to reduce inflammation and relieve pain, unlike some brands which uses Pain Killers or Chemicals that has adverse side effects.



How does Borsch Med All in 1 Collagen for Joints works?

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Regenerates & Reinforces cartilage and joint structure

Ingested collagen peptide accumulates in cartilage and promotes the synthesis of collagen in cartilage. Glucosamine works synergistically together with collagen to help repair and regenerate injured or worn out cartilage.

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Improves Joint Mobility and Flexibility

Chondroitin sulfate keeps joints hydrated by helping cartilage hold water, resulting in stronger joints. Nutrients dissolved in water are transported to the cartilage to provide nourishment for healthy cartilage.

Relieves Inflammation

Joints degeneration occurs when cartilage degrading enzymes attack cartilage cells. When cartilage cells degenerates, friction occurs during joint movement leads to inflammation overtime. Rose Hip extract reduces production of cartilage degrading enzymes to reduce the breakdown in cartilage cells. This directly reduces inflammation and pain resulted from joints degeneration.

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Healthier Bones

Presence of collagen in bone matrix preferentially triggers osteoblasts (cells responsible for bone formation), which triggers bone formation. Studies also showed that collagen could slow down bone resorption (body’s natural ability to breakdown bone matrix, one of the key factors resulting in bone loss)[8]. Hence intake of collagen leads to increased bone firmness for stronger and healthier bones.


Achieve STRONG, HEALTHY, FLEXIBLE, PAIN-FREE joints with Borsch Med All in 1 Collagen for Joints! 




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