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Health Massage Ball 【BUY 1 GET 1 FREE】
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Health Massage Ball 【BUY 1 GET 1 FREE】

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Diameter: 10cm

Massage balls has been used since ancient times to isolate problem areas in body, aiding in eliminating pain and increase flexibility. This traditional device allows you to do deep tissue massage approximating the pressure you could expect from a masseur’s soothing palm or elbow.   

Top masseurs, physiotherapist and athletes all depend on massage balls to relieve physical discomforts or reduce muscle aches. You can use the Health Massage Ball on the following common problem areas –

  • Upper Body like Hands, Forearms, Shoulders, Chest and Neck
  • Mid Body like Abdomen, Upper and Lower Back
  • Lower Body like Hamstrings, Calves, Feet and Buttocks

Grab one Health Massage Ball and roll away your pain! For a limited time only, purchase 1 Health Massage Ball and get 1 free (RSP S$9.90)

Tips on using the Health Massage Ball


Place the Health Massage Ball between your neck and a wall, and keep rolling through your neck. This allow you to massage your neck while standing. You can even repeat this for your back.  


Place the Health Massage Ball on the ground, roll your hamstrings over it. To add more resistance, cross your other leg over the top.


Lie on your back. Place the Health Massage Ball under your spine just slightly above your lower back, and then move your body back and forth.


Roll the Health Massage Ball right from your palms, all the way up through the forearms and biceps.

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