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Dilemma while deciding to order those hamburgers but worried about gaining extra pounds?
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Block your Fat

Potato chips, chocolates, and fried chicken wings are so irresistible that you find yourself postponing your diet plans again and again, only to realize that you could not fit into your favorite jeans anymore.

If you are nodding to the above mentioned situations, then Borsch Med’s Bind&Block FAT is here to put your mind at ease.

  • Aids detox
  • Limits fat absorption & calorie intake
  • Aids bowel movement & relieves constipation
  • Reduces blood lipid level

Supplement Facts


Limits fat absorption in your body.

Psyllium Seed

Expands when absorbing water in the stomach. Therefore, keeping you fuller for a longer time, preventing overeating. It also helps to remove stubborn waste and 'bad' cholesterol in your blood.

Fructo-oligosaccharide (FOS)

Acts as a food source for the good bacteria in your gut. This increases the number of good intestinal bacteria overtime, ensuring good bowel health.


Aids in detoxification and excretion needs.

Amino Acids

Known to have fat burning effect. Thus, increasing the amount of such amino acids in our body could increase the rate of fat burning.

Sodium Alginate

Blocks and controls absorption of sugars and cholesterol in your body.

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People Love it

You don't have to watch/change your diet, just take the Bind&Block FAT 30 mins before a big meal and literally forget about it and let it work its magic! It also helps with constipation lol.

BBF Testimony 1

Yan Kay Kay

I started taking Bind&Block FAT on the day of the CNY reunion dinner & weighed myself 1 week after all that CNY feasting and I did not gain weight at all, in fact, I even lost 0.8kg! Haha!! However, I did find myself eating lesser by maybe 20% after consuming Bind&Block FAT 30 minutes before my meals because I feel fuller faster?

BBF Testimony 2

Lian Meiting
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Customer Reviews

  • Awesome Product ★★★★★
    by Charles Tan -

    Bought this to try it out and it really works! Will recommend my friends to this product.

  • Yummy taste and I can indulge in desserts and buffets ★★★★☆
    by Selene -

    I love to indulge in desserts and buffets but I am super scared of putting on weight. Now, I always take Bind&Block FAT before these sinful meals and I felt my bowel movements are easier after taking the product. The taste of the powder is nice and it is so convenient for me to take it even when I am on the go.

  • No more constipation! ★★★★☆
    by Jenny -

    I always have constipation problem and I was introduced to this product by a friend. At first I am quite skeptical about this product as I thought how could this small sachet help anyway. But I decided to give it a try. After a week, I thought “hmmm is it really working or it’s just my imagination?” I am going to the loo more often now, smooth and without pain! I love it.

  • so far so good ★★★☆☆
    by Jenna -

    After trying the product for almost a week now, I can really feel it working (but not sure is it me over-thinking). At least, I feel smoother and easier when going to the toilet. I have also been eating out a lot lately, so far didn’t see myself gaining any extra pounds. But still, it’s too early to say, crossing my fingers hope it really can help me in the long run.

  • No constipation problems. ★★★☆☆
    by Nami -

    I was troubled with constipation, now the stool appeared consecutively so far on 3rd week. Lost 1 kg too!

  • Looser at the waistline. ★★★☆☆
    by Yuriko -

    Not much change during the first week but body weight decreased only slightly after 2 weeks. Stomach was smaller after 1 month.

  • Lost weight just after 1 week of consuming! ★★★★☆
    by Toshio -

    Amount of stool increased, found something like oil floating in the toilet. Lost 1.5Kg after 1 week of consuming but no longer lose any more weight after 1 month of consuming. My waist has narrowed by about 2cm, previously I can’t really button my shirt now I can.

  • Improved my high blood pressure problem. ★★★★☆
    by Noriaki -

    I am 62 years old and I have high blood pressure. After 1 week of consumption, the quantity of stool increased a little and my b.p dropped a little. 1 month into consuming the product, my b.p fell to the normal range, I’m surprised!

  • It works for me! ★★★☆☆
    by Kouichi -

    My bowel movement is much smoother, there were days I went to the toilet twice. I have lost about 3Kg after consuming Bind&Block FAT for 2 weeks. My pants were more loose, so now I need to buy new pairs.

  • eat lesser and feel full longer ★★★★★
    by Yuki -

    After consuming Bind&Block FAT, my appetite reduced as I feel fuller when having my meals. Because the taste is delicious and easy to consume , I’m able to continue to take it from now on. I was worried lack of nutrients because food intake is reduced, but the condition of the body is better now than before.

  • I can eat more fast food now wthout worrying. ★★★☆☆
    by James -

    I’ve been abstaining myself from fries. When I saw Bind&Block FAT, thought I give it a shot and satisfy my craving for fries! After that high fat meal, I realized that my waste release is smoother and greasier, probably evident that the oil & fat content is passed out of my body. *Thumbs Up!

  • Used to suffer from constipation, now my bowel is smoother  ★★★★☆
    by Valerie -

    I have previously tried other weight management products from different brands but either they gave me diarrhoea, or constipation. I have taken a few sachets of Bind&Block FAT and I could really feel a difference when I had to go to the toilet. There’s smoother bowel movement and on the first day of CNY, I had only consumed 1 meal to last me the whole day!

  • Powder taste good! ★★★☆☆
    by Ai Jane -

    I’m a person who doesn’t really watch my diet but still have a little concern on managing my weight. I’ve taken a few sachets and so far the result was pretty good, I experienced smooth bowel movement and it gave me sense of fullness.

    Surprisingly this powder form tastes good with fruity flavours and can be consumed directly without mixing with any beverage, and don’t have to worry it sticks on your teeth!

    Will continue trying and review the results again!

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Disclaimer BFF

Recommended for both Men & Women who love to indulge:

  • Buffet
  • After – meal dessert
  • Fast food
  • Tibits & Snacks
  • Creamy beverages
  • Fried food

Direction of Use: Consume 1 sachet 30 minutes before each meal. Do not exceed 3 sachets a day. Drink 6-8 glasses of water daily for better effect.

Caution: For consumers with existing medical conditions, pregnant women and children, should consult a physician or medical professional before use.

Disclaimer: This product is a dietary supplement and is not intended to cure, diagnose or treat any disease and the result of each product also depends on a general balance and lifestyle approach.

Allergen Information: This product contains shellfish and gluten.