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Premium Bai Feng Wan with Pearl
39.00 SGD32.00 SGD
Buy women's health supplement with us? As a trusted source for certified and traditional Chinese medicine, you buy direct and save. Also, we beat any competitor’s price. Today’s hectic lifestyles of women are stressful and health degrading. To support the blood circulatory system and invigorate vital energy, the regular consumption of Bak Foong Pill will help maintain your general health. Bai Feng wan pills, the herbal and ancient women's health supplement, support and maintain the female reproductive system. With this supplement, you can relieve premenstrual stress, menstrual pain, improve blood circulation and provide mental alertness throughout the day. Order today and detoxify your body, improve overall immunity, and prevent the formation of damaged cells. As per Chinese medicine practitioners, Bak Foong Pill also helps boost a woman's immune system. It offers relief from aging pain and increased fatigue. Our developed Bai Feng wan pills have natural and precious herbs to nourish the blood and improve skin complexion. Why should you buy our women's health supplement? Reasons are: • To ease menstrual cycle pain • To increase immunity • To regain energy • To improve blood circulation It’s well-known that good blood circulation increases natural skin complexion. This TCM does what it means to do that treats general body weakness due to irregular menstruation and abdominal pain during premenstrual stress. How will Bai Feng wan pills help? If you are looking reliable women's health supplement to soothe a bloated stomach and monthly cramps, a Bak Foong Pill will help with hormonal balance and regulating the menstrual cycle.