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It is common enough for machines to undergo wear & tear when used extensively. The human body is no different either. People often experience pain in their joints as they age. Injury and overuse contribute to the pain, but the degradation of joints and thinning of bones are equally responsible. The first impulse of people would be to try and reduce joint pain as possible. Most doctors and pharmacies offer over-the-counter pain-reducing drugs, namely acetaminophen (Tylenol). A nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drug may be prescribed by your doctor as well. You may go ahead and begin consuming ibuprofen (Advil) or source any other brand from the nearest pharmacy. Yes! The pain and immobility stem from improper functions of the underlying bone, muscles, and associated tissues or cartilage. You may add the best joint health supplement to your daily diet to keep the problematic joint functioning and reduce the pain substantially. Some of the top supplements to consider here would be: - Turmeric- Adding a pinch of turmeric to your daily diet can work wonders for bone health. A tried and tested compound, it can relieve joint pain to a great extent. You do not have to eat it directly, however. Instead, keep the curcumin supplement handy to lessen the excruciating joint pain to a great degree. Remember that there are no associated side effects of curcumin. Moreover, studies reveal that it works better than the ibuprofen tablet in getting rid of intense pain. Fish Oil - Include omega-3 fatty acids docosahexaenoic acid and eicosapentaenoic acid in your regimen. Stock up on fish oil. You do not have to become accustomed to the fishy smell, however. Many supplements can be gulped down with water to obtain relief from joint pain. True, fish oil has proved to be beneficial for rheumatoid arthritis. But, sadly, it does not have the same effect when you are plagued with osteoarthritis. Glucosamine- Well, Glucosamine supplements can weave their magic to eliminate joint pain and associated inflammation. It is a supplement with proven results. You may be asked to consume glucosamine hydrochloride. This product may not be as effective as supplements that contain glucosamine sulphate. The latter may slow down the progression of osteoarthritis as published in research studies. The space between the joints remains intact when you get in the habit of including the best glucosamine supplement in your regimen. Vitamin D- Do not fail to have a bottle/pack of Vitamin D products in your medicine box. This vitamin is most important for managing bone health, especially when you take it with calcium. Deemed to be one of the best bone supplements in Singapore, you would be advised to take the products when you have a Vitamin D deficiency and suffer from the brittleness of bones. Chondroitin- One of the core components that build cartilage with glucosamine, you will be prescribed the supplement when you are hoping to get rid of knee pain. Your doctor will prescribe the best supplement for knee cartilage when you find it difficult to bend the joint, thus finding it hard to sit down or climb stairs. The right supplement with a proven track record contains both glucosamine and Chondroitin in equal amounts. Do not stuff yourself with Vitamin D unless asked by your doctor. This vitamin is good for the development of bones but does not have many beneficial effects on the knee joint. You would be pleased to find improvement once you make Glucosamine supplements a part of your diet & regimen. Opt for a supplement that lessens the pain & inflammation in days. You are welcome to buy an odourless and tasteless product in any of the following forms: - • Glucosamine powder • Glucosamine & Chondroitin caplets • Combo of Glucosamine-MSM, Calcium & Vitamin D3 Tablets • Glucosamine & High Absorption Magnesium Oxide capsules • Non-GMO- Glucosamine Joint Comfort Supplement capsules • Flavoured Glucosamine tablets/powder