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All In 1 PRO 关节宁Glucosamine Plus Collagen 10,000mg With Calcium, Chondroitin, Rose Hip & Vitamin D JOINTS • BONES • MUSCLES (EXP: 11/2022)

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(EXP:  11/2022)

A specially formulated nutritional supplement to contain 4 synergistic key ingredients, collagen peptide, glucosamine hydrochloride, chondroitin sulfate and rose hip extract to provide ALL-ROUNDED nourishment for healthy joints and cartilage.

1. Regenerates & Reinforces Cartilage and Joint structure

2. Improves Joint Mobility & Flexibility

3. Promotes Healthier Bones

*Optimum Absorption*
*Sugar Free*
*Cholesterol Free*
*No Fishy Taste*


Made in JAPAN

Net Content: 21sachets x 12g

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